The situation of dishonest hotel receptionists?

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The situation of dishonest hotel receptionists? and got a better answer

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check, banal check?

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The check is a trivial check

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Didn't they give you a receipt? Or at least just a printout from the computer? Well, that's your own fault. And why was it necessary to pay on the second day if to live only 3? You would have paid for everything when you checked out of the hotel.

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Where's the receipt? In such a situation, you should stand your ground and demand to call the manager and to sort out the situation. It could be not cheating and banal error of the previous administrator she did not make a mark of the payment and the new administrator who came in for a day does not know about your yesterday's payment. If you're sure you're right, then say: I do not owe you anything, I paid yesterday and now I'm leaving. And go out. They have no right to detain you.


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