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SHOULD I MOVE TO VLADIVOSTOK? and got a better answer

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It's raw out there say very?

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they say it's very wet.

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If you're not an amoeba, you'll like it. You'll swim in the ocean.

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Nothing's gonna happen to you. It's a town like a town. Ordinary people live there. You'll want to check out the reviews on youtube for prices and entertainment, there's plenty of them.

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In Vladivostok, the average salary is about 35-40 thousand, no less It's impossible for 1 person to die from such a salary.

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I would move - the city is interesting to me. But to study so far away from home! -No. There are plenty of medical universities no worse than Vladivostok's in the country.

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If you like it, why not? To hell with the opinion of others. It's a typical Russian town, but there are a lot of Chinese there, because the border is near.

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not worth it, the climate is terrible, prices are off the charts, everything is far from here.

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It's worth it. But there is a minus - in winter it's humid and windy. Apartments are expensive. I`ve lived in an old town in Moscow before the fall of the rouble it was luxurious, you`d have to buy an apartment in another city or in another city. At the weekend you could go to China for a drink.

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You won't die of hunger and cold; in general all major cities have medical institutes and I strongly doubt that you should go to Vladikavk for honey.

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No, because there is a crisis in the country! I don't advise to go to such expensive cities, especially to study. You can't survive in Vladivostok without a diploma, you won't get an average salary without a diploma, which means you have to count on a minimum salary of 10,000₽ in our country. This is enough for a decrepit one bedroom, you need help from your parents, plus how will you work and study? Moreover, your parents will have to help you, and you will have to pay 25-30k a month. So think about it.


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