Hello, I want to ask a question more magicians and psychics?

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Hello, I want to ask a question more magicians and psychics? and got a better answer

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It's the energy of money that matters, not the material or the medium

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As much as they have purchasing power. Money is energy, not material. Electronic money is even closer to its energy state. Plus, due to their lack of physical form, they cannot be negatively influenced by money itself. And from the point of view of working with a person's money channel, it makes no difference what form the money energy will eventually take.

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Money is cut paper and has nothing to do with magic. It is only a means to replace a favor for a favor. That is, you rendered a service to someone that person owes you, but he, so as not to stay in debt, pulled heavily paid you adequately for the service, and you went and got a service from another person by paying him. All compensated and the balance is preserved!

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The point does not change that there is e-money. It's not money it's a translation of a paper banknote in the virtual version and not vice versa. In Russia they will be using cash for a long time and the fact that you received money on the card doesn't change the situation. It is important how to use money, not in what format: virtual or paper. For example a stupid Russian tradition to spend money on the day of ZP. That is how it is established in Russia: on the day of ZP everyone rushes to buy goods and the stores even intentionally on this day organize some action because the day of ZP. It should rest for a day. But here: they received it and immediately went to spend it. Where will people get well-being if they have only spending in their mind - to spend as quickly as possible and not to multiply? I.e. in our time also important - how you handle the flow of money in a virtual form or on paper.

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it's going to stay that way.

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Electronic money doesn't count in classical magic. But the appearance of people's electronic money is a direct work of magic with a specific purpose.


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