How to be in this situation?

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How to be in this situation? and got a better answer

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They will refuse.

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this is the quality of the grant. This is the face of the racist car industry.

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They will refuse 100 But if the breakage is not related to the service, for example, a part due to poor workmanship burst - almost 100 percent chance to return the money spent on repairs through the court For the law on consumer protection refusal of warranty is possible only if the seller can prove that the breakdown was not through his fault.

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Drive to the offices and do the examination with the participation of an independent expert.

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not refuse! if the car is under warranty.then roll into the shop and let them do it, but first they need to understand what made the engine knocked may be you poured into the engine of diesel instead of gasoline, etc.. then the claim to the gas station!


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