Teach me how to be happy?

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Teach me how to be happy? and got a better answer

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Be happy, be unique, Always love and be loved! Let the flowers always grow, And let there be a holiday where YOU are!

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Remember something nice from life and you will be happy, even if temporarily.

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Stand up! Straighten your back! Put your chest a little forward! Look straight ahead! And say clearly I'm happy! Do you feel it?

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Dear Katya Happiness is a consequence of love. You must love, then you will be happy. Know that God loves you very much.

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nobody can teach you that. But you can look inside yourself - and see a wonderful girl worthy of happiness there. what's not an excuse?

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Colnce,cvet, voda, dvigenie-eto vce menyaet ximicheskiy sostav krovi kak i sostoanie vlublennosti.Molodoct- uge schastie-


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