choice of watercraft.

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choice of watercraft. and got a better answer

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you're a zero at all, start with an inflatable lap?

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you don't know anything about it, start with an inflatable lap

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to 20 knots.

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What do you want from the boat? Where are you going to climb?

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Multiply the square root of the catamaran boat length by 5 and you have about the maximum possible speed under sail or multiply by 3 the speed for inflatable boats and by 4 the speed for kayaks and canoes. For example, a 4m boat, the square root of 4 is 2, multiply by 5 and you will get 10 km/h. This is the speed under sail in the most favorable conditions and wind direction forces. This is the speed of a boat in displacement mode. All rowing or sailing tourist boats sail in this mode. To understand how the speed of the ship depends on the length on the waterline, read about Froude's number. The longer the boat, the easier it is to row or sail, and the less the resistance to waves. Rowing and tourist catamarans boats are not registered in the SMI. Motor-if the weight of the vessel with a motor does not exceed 200 kg. If more than 200, then it is necessary to register with any motor. Motors up to 10 hp are not registered.


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