What should I do about my dad? What is the best thing to do? What would you do?

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What should I do about my dad? What is the best thing to do? What would you do? and got a better answer

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Driver is not required to know the technical part of the car now, there are other professions for that?

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The driver nowadays doesn't need to know the technical part of the car, there are other professions for that

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got it all in your head, no more than that, many older generation already at 18 shoveled a Kamaz or a PES truck in the field on their knees, and at 20 they were driving piggyback cars, your country neighbor was a pussy, now at 22 he's driving a log, and you can't shake a hat at that

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Well, you got two choices - keep working as a clerk in a five-and-dime store or try to work as a driver. The decision is up to you, it's not up to your father. But it won't be easy, I tell you.

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You were not interested, you were not dragged by the ears, your father is not an idiot, everyone learns on their own as interest arises, you need to know technique, understand how it works, and to fix it yourself, you will not be satisfied with theory alone, start working as a driver and then you'll see, the 5 will not go anywhere

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Get a job at the same company as a delivery truck. That's a start.

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should get a job at the gas station. 14529576 go to the countryside, your ass will get cold, you'll start to think that heat is better, and the goods sometimes, and in public. everything comes with age and it's not your dad's fault - you didn't want it.

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Nobody owes you anything. If you want something, do it! Do it yourself! The initiative must come from you! And you're all whining and complaining. Live and work completely on your own! And when you stand on your own feet and not your father's, you should help your father, at least sometimes. You need a job - look for it yourself! If you need a car, buy it yourself! If you don't know something, learn it yourself! Water doesn't flow under a lying stone.

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Why didn't you go driving a year ago, when you passed your C? If you'd been given a wreck, you'd have been a professor of repair in a couple of months.

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I got the same dilemma. I work for 15k at a shitty job. Need the money to learn C. Try Business Line if you have a representative in town. Technical part to know and be able to. There are many female truck drivers these days. If they can, why can't the guy suddenly? It's like an incentive for me, too.


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