What kind of education should a preschool teacher have?

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What kind of education should a preschool teacher have? and got a better answer

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one will do?

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Anybody will do.

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Look up colleges. Daycare teacher is a specialty.

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preschools accept people who have a teacher's diploma for preschool work if there's no such note on the teacher's diploma. Diploma, it is considered unsuitable for work at preschools you will be offered to get a second higher degree by correspondence If you have a secondary vocational - to work, but on condition that you go to get higher educational degree for preschool by correspondence because, under Russian law, 75 employees preschool education must have a higher degree is not required only for cooks and cleaners, teachers must have a higher, nurses - secondary vocational, as they are younger educators

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Secondary education. Some kind of college.


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