Tell me, a week after my red days, I won’t get pregnant if I don’t use protection, right I know that the probability is low

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Tell me, a week after my red days, I won't get pregnant if I don't use protection, right? I know that the probability is low? and got a better answer

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Fool. Hope for the days, but don't make a mistake?

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Fool. Hope for the days, but make no mistake about it.

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Pregnancy is likely. Sperm remain active for up to 7 days in the female reproductive tract.

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Yes, you can. Even the next day, not just a week later.

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A week later is the risk. A couple of days is still okay.

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Low probability? You know what? Honey, you don't know shit! You're a freakin' idiot! A friend of mine had TWO! thanks to this preservation.

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If your red days lasted three days, add another week after that, and you have a 10th day of your cycle as the first day of your period, and you had intercourse on that day. If your cycle is 26-28 days, which is very close to the middle of your cycle, you have a chance to get pregnant, because sperms live inside a woman for some time, even a few days if the environment is favorable. The most favorable time for conception is in the middle of the cycle: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 days of the cycle

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You will get pregnant sooner or later if you don't protect yourself.

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I got pregnant on the last day of my period. There are no safe days.

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there's a possibility.

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you always have to protect yourself.


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