Has anyone read Tatiana Tolstaya’s Kyss

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Has anyone read Tatiana Tolstaya's Kyss? and got a better answer

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I read it last year = The impression of some incompleteness remained, disappointed the denouement. 14924 Yes, it seems to me that the main idea is to read a book about the nervous system and nerve cells, to restore them.

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I read it last year... I was disappointed in the denouement. But in general the idea is interesting, even it is possible to philosophize on the theme of books and their meaning in our lives.

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I liked it! I have to say, we went through the program at uni, oddly enough. Although the overall impression is sketchy. It's a very cool thing to say about the cuckoo bird, it's become a cliché.

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well. not very much, but not quite Benedict. go make love.


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