female aggression, is it the aggression of a little yapping dog, like a spitz?

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female aggression, is it the aggression of a little yapping dog, like a spitz? and got a better answer

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Well the Spitz is not quite a small dog and there are smaller ones. And women are different sometimes behind a dwarf dog can be a Caucasian shepherd dog and it's good if it's not rabid! Good

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Why not? They can kill you.

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Or a Chihuahua

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No, it could be the usual aggression with a beating. I was attacked at a disco when I was a kid and wanted to get into a fight. I didn't take any punches back. That is how it ended. It was offensive and I wanted to hit back. I was afraid that she would beat me even more, since I was smaller than she was. It is very offensive that you understand the outcome of the fight is predetermined, because your punches will not be able to protect you. I had to choose another way. Silence. But out of resentment I couldn't. She hit hard in the head when he said something offensive about her. But she walked away. This is full-blown aggression. Serious with blows to the head. I was told she was walking around with a knife. I was very much offended, ashamed and ashamed. That I'm a man and I didn't hit her once. And now, many years later, I realize that I did the right thing until the last. The shame and embarrassment in public was a long time. Until I realized that naboret is very valuable. It is a complex and difficult experience with excruciating pain. But a very valuable story for people women and men for their emotional health.

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I smashed a big crystal vase in aggression, and a spitz couldn't even dream of that!


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