let’s say there are 2 wires coming out of the outlet from the phase:

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let's say there are 2 wires coming out of the outlet from the phase:? and got a better answer

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No. Impossible.

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A short circuit is a conventional definition of device failure, when the current from the phase goes unhindered to zero, that is, if from the socket, the fuse will go off if the fuse is just a piece of wire, the current will go off and all if the wires are all aligned well. And just two wires from the socket will not give anything, even a spark between them will not happen, although they do not do so, because the heat is still there and a little can short out.

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No, it's not possible to short a little. that's nonsense. It's like being a little pregnant.

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you can have three wires from the phase. it has nothing to do with shorting.

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If you are talking about an apartment, there can't be two or three phases - ONLY ONE If you have a private home with a 3 phase household by separate ordinance-permit, you can get in trouble.

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It's one phase you could ring it and nothing would happen as long as the wires don't touch the ground

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I like the phrase "it might short-circuit a little" - clearly wrote by someone with very little knowledge of electrical engineering.

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There may be sparks when they touch. Only not because of the length but because of the load when the voltage at these different ends will be different because of the resistance of the wire.


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