Hello Do I have to pay a parking ticket?

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Hello Do I have to pay a parking ticket? and got a better answer

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is, don't take it at all, then your trough will just be sold.

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Not true.

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You may not pay, but that amount can be taken from you for life in other ways

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There's a parking ticket charge. Plus a parking ticket.

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By law, you can take the car right away and pay later. Only the fence will have to be broken through with the car.

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true everything. until you pay - the car is not returned

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Unfortunately, be prepared to pay not only for the forced removal of the car to the impound lot, but also for the stay there. This "pleasure" costs money, and is paid for each day of parking a car in the impound lot for the first 3 days will cost you 7 rubles per day. Then the payment will be less and from 4 to 9 days will cost 4 rubles. If you forgot about your car or can't pick it up for whatever reason for more than 9 days, the daily parking fee will be even less - 3 rubles. You can also pay the fine in cash at the parking lot, with a bank card or in the bank within 2 months.


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