What can a father and daughter age 12 fight about?

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What can a father and daughter age 12 fight about? and got a better answer

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there's a whole bunch of reasons why two people, regardless of age or relationship, might have a fight.

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not the only one who's fighting.

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maybe she turned him down.

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Like daddy didn't buy another cool smartphone for his birthday or New Year's Eve

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Yeah for a hundred reasons. This is a teenager, any of the most innocent reasons can turn out to be conflicting. Unless, of course, she has already clearly postponed that Daddy should always listen and he will not advise bad, but it lays down the upbringing before.

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A teenager can be offended by anything. For example, for being asked to turn down the music.

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because of who's turn it is to play tchotchkes.

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Because of a daughter's whim. Daddy spoiled her for every little thing and then he refused. so there was a quarrel.

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Depends on the adequacy of both.


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