Do you trust at work?

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Do you trust at work? and got a better answer

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Easy. Do your thing and do you know how assholes can tear up and lay down if the promotion shines?

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Easy. Do your thing and do it You know how they can bust their asses if the promotion shines

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They can. Don't trust them with anything.

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Anything can happen.

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It's easier for me. For 30 years I have been working for myself. it worked out-good. no, my fault.

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I am new at work and I already know the essence of my colleagues. Idiots. Do not trust.

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The less coworkers know about your life the better. You have to be polite and tolerant with everyone. Keep silent more than talk. That way you work longer and save your nerves.

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Even and neutral. The rest is punishable.

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It's better to keep things even and neutral.

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even and neutral.

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I'm a good enough judge of character to filter who to tell what to.


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