What should I write on my resume if my last job was as an IP?

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What should I write on my resume if my last job was as an IP? and got a better answer

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You can't skip the IP one. Should I list my accomplishments there, successes?

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You can't skip the IP. You have to list your accomplishments there.

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So you worked as a sole proprietorship for three years. You don't want to write that? Make up a story say you worked on the moon for 3 years. Dusting.

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write it as it is and state the type of activity.

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Strange. Why don't you want to put IP experience? This is a very big plus in the resume if you can still from this beautiful and correct to tell at the interview. On the resume it is written something like this: IE Ivanov P. G from November 2015 to October 2018, further beautifully spelled out all the functional. To quickly get an invitation to an interview can in the summary of information about himself to indicate "At the moment I want to continue my career in banking" that the employer had no doubt why suddenly the owner of the IP for the vacancy otkvayetsya.

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Worked as a janitor.

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Write the truth all the same will check Consult in personnel agencies have not tried?


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