Is the video on youtube not loading?

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Is the video on youtube not loading? and got a better answer

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I have the same was all sorts of brakes only in Firefox and google chrome. In short, the joke! I have 4 gig of RAM. A firefox and other browsers are forced installer. Who has 4 gig of RAM. They install a 64 bit browser. It's a bad browser. It just lags videos on YouTube. I don't have any lags anywhere. Only on YouTube I installed 32-bit Firefox. And there are much less lags on YouTube in videos. And then firefox at least on the official site offers to install the 32 bit version. If you look through his entire site. The same google chrome does not offer this at all brazenly. With Yandex browser I do not know. I've never used it. But I personally have brakes on YouTube on 64 bit browsers. I found that out by accident. I just remembered that I had a 32-bit Windows. And the browser was 32 bit. I decided to check it. And the coolest thing is that I can't see any problems with it. Only the videos on YouTube. In 64 bit versions of browsers. In my case it's Chrome and Fox.


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