Do I need a visa?

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Do I need a visa? and got a better answer

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I flew with a layover in the same city: do you only need a visa for the end point of your route?

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I've flown with a layover in the same city: You only need a visa for the final destination of your itinerary.

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Not if you don't plan to go into the city.

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Since you are flying from outside the Schengen area, and you are flying out of Amsterdam again outside the Schengen area, you will not need a visa since visa-free transit will apply. This rule works at most major airports in Europe, and Amsterdam is no exception: you will be in a clear zone at the airport, just change from one flight to another, you do not have the right to go out into the city without a visa.

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To make a connection at the airport, you don't need one.


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