Question about hand luggage on the plane POBEDA?

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Question about hand luggage on the plane POBEDA? and got a better answer

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1. you can, by fluid standards 2. right?

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1. you can, according to fluid standards 2. right

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You can. The main thing is not to exceed the size allowed. Stewardesses and stewards there can be very uncomfortable. I don't talk the talk, but I've had to fly many times. Keep in mind. Fact.

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You can take that volume, but no more.

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I recently flew Pobeda, it seems no more than 1000 ml, and even if the bottle is not full, it will still count as full

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Go to the airline website and look at the size of your carry-on baggage. They are very small. Before boarding, you have to put the bag in the calibrator box. If it doesn't close, you'll have to check it in your luggage, and that will be expensive

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It's always better to take another airline if you can, this one would be the last choice if there is no other option. For the plane 2-3 months in advance it is better to take tickets, then and on Aeroflot and S7 there are good prices


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