what should I do now?

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what should I do now? and got a better answer

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Do you really believe in these constellations and fortune telling, it's all nonsense. Give it time and think it through.

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If a woman does not bring comfort to a relationship other than quarrels and caprices, she will degenerate because she goes against her biological conditioning to be led by a man. Since everyone has an emotional mindset by nature, and everyone is driven by her feelings and emotions, so without male intervention she will go down the back road

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What does the horoscope have to do with it?

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Wait until he goes away My husband is a scorpion, he will twist some bullshit around in his head, get over it, and then he calms down. I don't pay attention. I don't believe in horoscopes, sorry.

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It'll pass.

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Why such a relationship if constant quarrels. The right man refuses to discomfort.

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Wait! Give time to think, let him back off.


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