Walking alone downtown if you’re alone Stupid

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Walking alone downtown if you're alone Stupid? and got a better answer

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If you feel like it, take a walk. No?

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If you feel like it, take a walk. No

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That's for you to decide. Stupidly consider weighty opinions of others on the subject, unless of course you doubt your weak-willed girl

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Sometimes it's very cool. You pay attention to what's around you look for something new. Just you and your thoughts. everything is within the norm.

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it comes with age. sometimes you want to be alone in the fresh air. Already thirty years have passed since my childhood, Already it's harder and harder to undress my soul, Already more often I want to walk Not at the table, but in an old quiet park, In which in September it's no longer hot, Where leaves of youth do not promise, Where leaves of youth do not promise. Already old women seem familiar, And girls are like clockwork dolls, And Mozart's sneer grows louder. And my neighbors are already gone past midnight, No wine drunk, no cake eaten, And I go to take out the trash with my scarf on.


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