What is the pipe on the car?

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What is the pipe on the car? and got a better answer

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air intake.

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Schnorkel. For overcoming fords Only the sampuns have to be taken out, if not the stock one.

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As has already been said above it is a snorkel, engine air intake, due to its higher position it helps to pass water bodies so as not to get a hydroblow

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<img src=https://otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/u_6f8427746290a82f0874c0e107b4707d_800.jpg alt= data-lsrc=//otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/u_6f8427746290a82f0874c0e107b4707d_120x120.jpg data-big=1>

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Thanks to this pipe, if the car is driven into a body of water, it will not get blown out at once, but in two months, when the electronics and the underbody will get rotten from water.

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