Parking in the yard?

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Parking in the yard? and got a better answer

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Should I have filmed it on my phone, and in case of problems write a police report on it?

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You should have filmed it on your phone and, in case of problems, you should have filed a police report against her.

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According to the law - you're right. On the basis of politeness - d. z. But I think such left-handed parkers local residents are already fed up. We are also tired of the neighboring business center have decided through the registration of the land and the barrier.

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Well, it certainly is pork every day to park a car in someone else's yard. I hope that you will be dealt with.

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I don't know.

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I once parked on the New Year's Eve 31 his aunt to bring the TV as a gift was not me about 30 minutes came out two headlights in pieces and the mirror left hanging. I received such a present. Of course not correct all these threats and actions, but people who live there can also be understood.

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Of course, such a situation is a created deficit of parking spaces for the sake of squeezing money out of paid parking lots.

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It's called arbitrariness. But there is only one defense against fools. Move it somewhere else.


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