Should I buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

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Should I buy a robot vacuum cleaner? and got a better answer

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With the aquo filter. is the robot a useless toy?

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With an aqua filter. The robot's a useless toy.

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No, not very effective, tested.

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Pointless expensive toy Useless and breaks down quickly.

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1. The robot vacuum cleaner is not a substitute for a regular vacuum cleaner. It is used for automatic cleaning during the week, but it does not replace a regular vacuum cleaner. 2. An aquafilter reduces filter costs, but the filtration, as well as cyclone types of vacuum cleaners is much less than paper bag and hepa filter vacuums. 3. The wet vac cleans quite well in both normal and washing modes, in addition to the hepa filter in the washing mode, it also uses water as a filter. It is up to you to choose, since the cost of vacuum cleaners are very different. I personally use a regular vacuum cleaner with a good brush for carpet, and still wash the floors. From a wet vacuum cleaner leaves too much water on the laminate.The robot vacuum cleaner is run in the middle of the week, mostly in the kitchen when lazy to sweep

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the quality of cleaning robot vacuum cleaner strongly depends on the cost. use the robot 5th year, very pleased. I also use a regular vacuum cleaner, to clean the robot and to clean hard to reach places.

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have the money, take it.

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As the owner of one, I can safely say it's one of the coolest things I've ever had in my house. I use a budget model in a two bedroom, no carpets, have a cat. In general, now I want a washing robot. If you are interested in the model answer in person, bought for 6.5 t. p.


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