How do I get from Domodedovo airport to Tsaritsino metro?

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How do I get from Domodedovo airport to Tsaritsino metro? and got a better answer

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the subway?

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to the subway

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Do Domodedovskaya subway buses dark goes by marshrutka And there on the meter close at hand.

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There are plenty of variants... By Aeroexpress to Paveletskaya metro station, then straight to Tsaritsyno metro station By bus to Domodedovskaya metro station, thence to Tsaritsyno.

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Aeroexpress from Domik takes to Paveletsky station. Then go down in the subway and on the green line from metro Paveletskaya to Tsaritsino 5 stops, get off at the sixth.

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By bus to the metro Domodedovskaya, there on the subway to the metro Tsaritsino 2 stops without changing. In this case, the bus is better than the Aeroexpress.

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Bus 308 or minibus under the same number to the metro station Domodedovskaya Landing in front of the terminal, intervals are minimal. Then two trips by subway Ticket price for the bus line is served by comfortable busesSkania-Peter or similar in three times less than the Aeroexpress. Travel time is noticeably less. Bus is not faster, the comfort is less, the ticket is a little bit more expensive. I've never seen any traffic jams on this route. Don't bother with this option, only if the delay is critical: the Aeroexpress train emergency, as one would think, would be a good reason, even if you were late for the flight.

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308 bus aeroexpress train is equally expensive in time


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