I am a Russian Muslim, I know Tatar, I want to move to Kazan, how will the locals accept me?

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I am a Russian Muslim, I know Tatar, I want to move to Kazan, how will the locals accept me? and got a better answer

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Cut them into pieces?

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Cut into pieces.

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There are more Russians than Tatars in Kazan, and Christians and those for whom Russian is their native language are in the vast majority.

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And they won't notice.

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And who are the locals? There are more Russians in Kazan. And if you want to go to mosque, then wear a hijab.

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If you're a good person, you'll be accepted. Regardless of religion.

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You won't be your own anyway. You'll always be at a distance.

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bread and salt

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Illusions pass in time with varying degrees of bitterness. Maybe they will. A pure-blooded Tatar told me that they don't welcome Tatars coming to their historic homeland at all either. The descendants of those who fled from Grozny Vanya far away. Well, what are you doing here now, they say, you've got extra mouths and hands to feed. It was six or seven years ago. I don't think anything has changed.

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You an officer's daughter?

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No one will notice you or notice that you're here. Thousands of people come and go every day, no one keeps track of them. Who will notice you in a city of millions? No one!

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Russian Muslims are not liked by everyone here in Kazan. They just won't accept you.


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