if selling people ideas on how to make a lot of money is a decent business?

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if selling people ideas on how to make a lot of money is a decent business? and got a better answer

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Yes. Morally not good, but it's the suckers' own fault?

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Yeah. Morally, not great, but it's the suckers' fault.

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That's what half the bloggers on YouTube do.

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So what are your ideas?

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The idea is interesting: the presence of the business project mathematical and financial calculations, the study of market conditions, and much more.

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There are about 99 lazy and idle people doing this. So there's a lot of competition waiting for you.

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Ideas are valuable only for the quality to create order in life Otherwise it's garbage which will increase the mess in life How can you prove that you're not a cat in a poke?

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It's unlikely you can sell an idea. Nobody cares about ideas. Most of the ideas are worthless or doomed to minus money will knowingly bring a loss. Ideas look attractive only to suckers. If you start to count then. suddenly it turns out that the implementation of the idea besides the pain and loss can not bring nothing worth nothing to sell can only be a commercial project with a complete statement of work justification of all the calculations schemes schedules contracts for the supply of equipment and raw materials Fully finished commercial project - a franchise. This franchise can be sold.


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