I sold a used lego and they wrote a report on me?

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I sold a used lego and they wrote a report on me? and got a better answer

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Sidor pack and dry breadcrumbs, will they come for you soon?

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Sidor pack up and dry off soon they'll come for you

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It's understandable that she's imagining things, can you imagine what the police would say if you told them about the situation? They would have laughed except that the amount of the transaction was how much? Rubles 300? Your buyer's own fault for not examining the goods at the meeting I would not waste time with such a return.

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Throw in

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You're a bum. Where'd you get the money for it? Did you steal it from your stepdad?

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Second hand items, by law, are not returnable. She had to look, then pay. The police don't take such claims.

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the police usually do not bother with cases if the damage is less than 2000r fraud is yet to be proven - because the buyer was obliged to look at what he was taking if they did take the complaint they will most likely close the case in a few days

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Your house is a disaster. What to do - dry your breadcrumbs!

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A fool sold a piece of shit to a fool!: I work in a toy store. We got plenty of that shit! And still have to manage to find one that would cost more than 800 rubles! They are in the store are from 200 to 730 - new! This is how to be a dumb scholota that would buy from hand boo for more than the price of a new?

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Pure nonsense.


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