Порошенко пообещал поднять зарплату военным в случае нападения России. Т. е. прибавки не будет Хлопци, войны не будет

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Poroshenko promised to raise the salaries of the military if Russia attacks. So there won't be a raise? Chloptsy, there won't be a war? and got a better answer

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Papadopula: - It won't. Mr. Poroshenko has no gold reserves.

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Papadopula: - It won't. Mr. Ataman Poroshenko has no gold reserves.

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Now they'll have to attack themselves for the premium!

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everything pesta. he promised to reduce even

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Where's the thousand hryvnias a day that Porosenko promised the bandar-logs on the Maidan?

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If he does, then only posthumously.

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Are you only interested in Potroshenko and the Khokhlaks? Tell me about the VAT, the retirement age, and prices that will automatically go up in 2019 because of the bald bastard with his 20-year stability.

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There'll be fresh weed on the way.


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