Repair in the kitchen?

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Repair in the kitchen? and got a better answer

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Why is there a primer under the tiles? Buy ready tile glue and do not bother. You won't chew it off with your teeth.

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Legend has it. etc. In fact, there are modern tile adhesives and various primers for different purposes. google it.

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due to moisture mold. the store will tell you

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infill flooring will be there and in the kitchen. this is a big help under the tiles. just primer that which is deep penetration. Although previously glued tiles without any primoches sand and cement and all held. If you had an outdoor pool in the bathroom, you could call it high humidity.

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They say they milk chickens in Moscow. Why don't you ask those who say so in detail? Ask them and tell us. For the first time I hear this nonsense 25 years engaged in tile. It's not strange, though. The impact of television on the brains of Russians is affecting their brains.

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Try GOODHIM GU1 EXTRA primer based on silicone and acrylic. This product helps protect walls in areas like the bathroom from excessive moisture.

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Pro Gudhim - I confirm the normal product got rid of mold in the kitchen. The main thing is pennies compared to the imported.


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