What is the most affectionate breed of cat?

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What is the most affectionate breed of cat? and got a better answer

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Tiger huge?

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Tiger's huge.

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The gentlest non-bred.

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My Persian doesn't sit and sleep in my arms at all but she's not mean and purrs

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Recipe for the perfect affectionate cat - you find a sick skinny, scruffy creature in a dumpster. You bring it home, treat it for everything you can, drag it to veterinary clinics, fatten it up, pet it, kiss its nose. After N weeks of treatment you'll get the most grateful animal in the world that will be ready to purr in your lap till the grave. I've personally tested it twice. It is true that you should consider the temperament - some cats are very tame and others may well be affectionate but tend to remain independent. But if you don't abuse the animals and treat them with respect for their personal preferences you'll get a guaranteed trust and return.

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