What to do about my daughter What’s going on with her

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What to do about my daughter? What's going on with her? and got a better answer

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Afraid your daughter's a lesbian? A psychologist to help, you?

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Afraid your daughter is gay? A psychologist to help, you!

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It will pass with age. When she gets older.

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Skeptic, you're a skeptic and you're a skeptic and you're a skeptic, you're a skeptic and you're a skeptic, you're a skeptic and you're a skeptic Ed. Asadov.

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Isn't that Elia, who blows five bottles of vodka in one snout?

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what girlfriends? Do you have any? Boys from class can be annoying.

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nothing, it will pass

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It's just an age. It will pass.

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I came running in, all nervous. I was totally shocked. why are you so dramatic? there are no empty seats in the class, so your daughter will have to tolerate a boy around her with disgust? what made you so angry? you need psychological help yourself. it's scary to imagine what will happen to you when your daughter has to give birth. and calling your daughter elka? and she calls you mamka?


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