What do you think about the RX 590?

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What do you think about the RX 590? and got a better answer

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I used to buy an rx480 for 25 now I would trade it for a 590

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No such RX590 only have RX8 and RX7 0.

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+ ~10 performance is up to you if you have the money why not?

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don't take from sapphire - total crap

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<img src=https://otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/175190003_35c23cb365c27382d4594a51b81511c1_800.png data-big=1 data-lsrc=//otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/175190003_35c23cb365c27382d4594a51b81511c1_120x120.png>


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