What came first Chicken or Egg Give an explanation?

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What came first Chicken or Egg Give an explanation? and got a better answer

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Egg. It's in front of your face, and then you won't see the chicken.

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Egg. It's in your face, and then you don't see the chicken.

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The foolishness of man came later, but, overshadowed everything.

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The chicken, or how the egg would have appeared.

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Egg. Dinosaurs came before birds.

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the egg, the chicken hatched from the egg.

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<img src=https://otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/29305097_2937560c25c3bad124930a2b373320b7_800.jpg data-lsrc=//otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/29305097_2937560c25c3bad124930a2b373320b7_120x120.jpg data-big=1>

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This is the same stupid question as who first appeared - a sperm cell or a man. man, of course - he came from A monkey, which existed before him B from Adam, who is known to have been created from some shit. It is the same with the chicken - it came from some prehistoric creature, or it was created. And when she appeared, she laid an egg.

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The homunculus from which the chicken that made the egg appeared.

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Genetic mutations happen at the level of the egg, so first there was some egg not a chicken, then there was a mutation don't ask me how, and then a chicken appeared. This is a commentary on the answer with pictures about evolution.


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