how to work with suppliers?

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how to work with suppliers? and got a better answer

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So no one works?

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That's no way to work.

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the first ones make good money. the second ones work with credits and run from collectors

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No one will just give you a product to sell. You need a guarantee or credibility.

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They take goods for sale against a pledge of something. Or it's not their own business. Maybe they just got a job as sales assistants in someone else's online store.

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There's no business without an investment. The guys aren't telling the truth. At least they spend their time on the promotion of groups, if they themselves created or to buy a site and competent setting up an advertising company, and that's an investment. But yes, on average 30-50 thousand in the trade of fur coats, you can earn 100-300 thousand. Especially if it is a wholesale trade.

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1. So no one forbids you to also say: 2. No investment, then work under the order, first you get the order, check with the supplier of availability, you come, leave the money, take the goods, take the customer get the money and that's it. If the customer refused, bring the product back and take your money. in business development, you will still have to invest money, so because of the nonsense does not roll around 3. Work with the supplier for a year, confirm their reliability, you will begin to ship without prepayment, and your couriers, you only at the end of the week / month, will bring the money, closing period or transfer by bank transfer.


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