Why do the Japanese make a car big if their country is small, I don’t understand them

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Why do the Japanese make a car big if their country is small, I don't understand them? and got a better answer

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Little Dick Syndrome. Is it common for a macho man with a small dick to buy a big loud car?

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Little Dick Syndrome. Usually a macho guy with a small dick buys a big loud car.

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give me one example where they're big.

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Every car company has a lineup that includes a variety of sizes and configurations. Japanese manufacturers are not an exception. One car you have seen is not an indicator of the whole automobile industry in Japan.

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Is it a small country? Length of roads is about the same as in Russia.

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What's the relationship between the size of the country and the size of cars? The roads in Japan are modern and wide. And there's plenty of small cars there, by the way.

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For export.

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They prefer small cars in Japan. They make big ones for other countries. And they have more territory than Germany. Germany makes big ones too, don't they?


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