CENMAX alarm system malfunctioning?

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CENMAX alarm system malfunctioning? and got a better answer

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You open the door with the key You take the terminal off the battery You smoke for a minute and then put it back on. Do you check?

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You open the door with the key You take the terminal off the battery One minute you smoke and then put it back on. Check

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The problem could be a dead battery, no auto starter charge and the car was running on one battery. To check this, you need to mechanically open the car, disarm it using the emergency procedure and then start it with the key. If you do not start, the battery on charge But if you start, it may be a problem with the power supply alarm, look at the state of the fuse alarm Next, you may have problems with the antenna unit. And a lot more. Good luck.

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This could be a trick on your alarm system. I have an acquaintance has a Starline, so there's a gimmick of constant false alarms. Better to the masters take the car, let them look, especially if you have it for the first time. Or change the alarm, and something qualitative put. The same Pandora.

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I do not recommend pandora, for a lot of money will get a lot of headaches. Sherkhan is definitely better and the price tag is not from the ceiling.

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And I will not advise Sherhan. I used this brand a year and a half ago, such glitches have not seen the light. Then began to yell, then did not work alarm. Replaced the Pandora, no problems and glitches. Although the price and came out more expensive, but in the end I save on the fact that I do not have to run every other day in the car service, due to the fact that Sherhan wrong is the operating system


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