What to cook for dinner for the family?

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What to cook for dinner for the family? and got a better answer

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best of all, an omelet

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scrambled eggs are delicious and nutritious

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what people like

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I read somewhere that you have to eat even more for dinner than for lunch. so you can make either a big and complicated meal or elementary french fries and some cutlets or sausages. You can also make pasta for a quick meal.

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Potskazhu magazine katym I myself use called lyublyuyut cooking it has a lot of recipes are very simple without all those exotic names. Not expensive for about 10 rubles at every newsstand. The choice of dishes there is huge, there are those that we all know, but there are also those that will be a novelty. Bon appetit!

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Meat and vegetables Chicken in sour cream sauce and a side dish of mashed potatoes Cutlets with gravy and rice Seafood in a mass of ways. Take your pick.

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Prepare for yourself what you like most - for example, vegetable salad with buckwheat.

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noodles flotsky

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fried potatoes


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