I’m going to Vilnius for three days.

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I'm going to Vilnius for three days. and got a better answer

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In three days you can see not only Vilnius, but the whole country. If you have the opportunity to go to Trakai - a castle in the middle of the lake, very beautiful and there was an exhibition of torture instruments there, they are not only exhibited but described how they were invented, how they were used and how the tortured felt. Did your friend feel bad?

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For 3 days they can see not only Vilnius, but the whole country. The main thing is not to exceed the speed limit because when I was there I heard that you drive there - in three minutes you will be in the Kaliningrad region. A friend of mine felt sick.

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Hmm. It depends on your interests. We have a lot of things. Pretty soon there's a September festival, the Days of the City. That's where you'll have time to look around.

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I myself from there in general it is not big and you can almost see everything. It's interesting to visit the old town - the joke republic - Uzhupe. And the main thing is just to understand those people who live here.

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It's quite a beautiful city, so I suggest just taking a walk. It's very different, not Russia, not Belarus. Well, the supermarket is sacred!


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