Is it okay to hate dacha, theater, math – something you’ve been accustomed to loving all your life

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Is it okay to hate dacha, theater, math - something you've been accustomed to loving all your life? and got a better answer

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for those who are accustomed to it may be fine

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Depends on how you got used to it.

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It's about time you settled down. There's nothing wrong with those things themselves. But you don't have to love them either.

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If you were forced to love, of course it's normal otherwise. If I wasn't forced to love, I do.

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You can avoid unpleasant things in your independent life.

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it's absolutely normal that many people don't care for theater and many people hate math at school and many people hate working in the country

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I hated dacha for about 15 years and then we went and bought it. Theater didn't suit me either, but I love ice shows. I've been friends with math since I was a kid and it's been feeding me all my life.

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It's okay.


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