Do dentists have free time?

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Do dentists have free time? and got a better answer

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if you don't have skills it's hard to study, dentists have the highest competition.

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My daughter's cavalier is a dentist, works three days in the clinic, three days in his own firm. He works like a horse.

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In this profession, you have to really work very hard to make money. Not the way people go from 8 to 16.00 and then whine that there is no money. Basically, all those who make good money, working from 8 to 20. Sometimes up to 22. On Saturdays often go out, count one day off Sunday. If you work as a therapist, then at this work day of 80 thousand in the best case you can have in our region. If an orthopedist - then up to 300k comes salary. But there is no time to spend it, vacation 2 weeks a year. There won't be enough time left for yourself.


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