Why can’t I get a watch

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Why can't I get a watch? and got a better answer

Response from Антон Владимирович[+++++]
May I give them to you?

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You may, give it to me in good health.

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They say it's for a breakup.

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Very bad omen. The one who gave the watch to another, these people will break up. Either just for some reason or someone will die. I know from me 100 At work I gave my colleague 2e wristwatches because I noticed she likes to wear a watch on her hand, it was the 8th of March holiday. Then she was kicked out of work. My sister gave me a wristwatch and a few months later she died. Very bad gift, when you give or take a watch as a present, you have to give or take a payoff for the watch, at least 5-10 rubles. And it doesn't matter if it's a wristwatch or some other watch.

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bought it for my wife more than once and we haven't separated for 45 years, so give her what you want with pure soul and good thoughts.

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have given my wife a watch and it's OK, but a friend gave it to me and we are no longer in touch. You have to give something in return when you give a watch a kopeck for example.


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