If I have a suitcase to fit hand luggage. and a large ladies bag. Can I take everything on the plane?

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If I have a suitcase to fit hand luggage. and a large ladies bag. Can I take everything on the plane? and got a better answer

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Depends on the airline and your fare they all have their zaskokokki go to their site and look at the rules of the luggage in detail there is everything Again, if your fare allows and luggage and hand luggage take then why take everything into the cabin then? For yourself and the people unnecessary inconvenience Give the suitcase in luggage and go quietly with a bag in the cabin or vice versa.

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carry-on baggage may be taken if not more than 8 kg

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suitcase - baggage - carry-on luggage. And don't give people a hard time.

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This works for Ryanair and AirBoltik. EasyJet doesn't. I don't know about the other ac, but Ryanair has recently started taking suitcases as luggage. But for free. And not at the desk, but right on the tarmac. You can pay 5 euros and they won't take them away.

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Why do you have to carry luggage on the plane? It would be inconvenient for you if it doesn't fit on top.

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It depends on the airline. Some strictly check that you enter in one hand luggage, or you will pay extra. And some flew with a backpack bag and still had a bag separately.

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What airline are you and what's the fare? For example Aeroflot will allow you to take a hand luggage and a bag, and Pobeda or AirBoltik at a budget fare - no. And in business class it will allow.

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Go to the airline website and read the baggage rules.

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Read the hand baggage and baggage rules on the website of the airline you are flying. They all are different.


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