what is the viscosity of m8 oil what is the viscosity of m8-autol motor oil couldn’t find that information anywhere

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what is the viscosity of m8 oil? what is the viscosity of m8-autol motor oil? couldn't find that information anywhere? and got a better answer

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depending on the mood of the mixer?

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depending on the mood of the mixer.

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at what temperature do you want to know? I'll have the lab turn around at home and measure it.

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15-20 mineral

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SAE-20W-20 <img src=https://otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/u_5513b73a8853fea13f0032336cadfee6_800.jpg alt= data-lsrc=//otvet.imgsmail.ru/download/u_5513b73a8853fea13f0032336cadfee6_120x120.jpg data-big=1>

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Lei will do.

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There's nowhere to be seen.

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Eight. Autol has always been greasier than diesel 10. For example there was a Zhigul motor oil m10G1 considered the best for Zhiguli and it was closer in viscosity to the diesel oilK-700 used in motorcycles According to the modern classification - SAE-20W-20. This oil was dangerous to use at low temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius could not turn the crankshaft and high temperatures of plus 45 caused scuffing on the crankshaft. Modern manuals prohibit the use of this oil in internal combustion engines.


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