How is it quicker and safer to quit smoking?

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How is it quicker and safer to quit smoking? and got a better answer

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Drink some milk and then smoke.

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The guy's on fire!

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Smoke a carton of cigarettes at once! You'll feel disgust at once and then you'll quit smoking!

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You can start drinking then you won't have enough money for cigarettes! And if without joking you can reduce the number of smoked cigarettes every day or at least every 2-3 days!

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It all depends on your smoking record. And also on your attitude to your life and values read: family, children, loved one. And desire, of course. There was a case that a 20 year old smoker quit smoking only after listening to a pre-treatment lecture from a narcologist before treatment for prostate, impotence, the possibility of losing a beautiful wife only from the physical inability to satisfy her. But every man is different. I would advise going if not to a professional narcologist, then to the nearest social service is absolutely free. There, if not to cure completely, at least something sensible will advise.

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When you finish your cigarette, give up the habit and don't start smoking, just imagine that there are no cigarettes in the world, the first month will be hard, but after a week without smoking, your sense of smell will be heightened, I advise to be in the company of people smoking and check who your real friend is, friends will not advise to smoke again and not to suffer, as my doctor friend said: Heroin and nicotine know how to wait. So get ready.


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