Is it bad to be a one-woman man?

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Is it bad to be a one-woman man? and got a better answer

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Good for you. I thought I was the only one. How many of us are there?

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Good for you:. I thought I was the only one. Are there many of us?

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not bad but you'll soon get tired of it-

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it depends on who you love! But in general, it's very good.

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if it's by choice and mutual - there's nothing better:

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VERY! I'm a one-woman man, too. Do you know how much it hurt when SHE left? by the way just recently literally six months ago and only cooled down. and not to the end

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50/50 both good and not so good because if your love is mutual - it's super and if you are already not standing, not with your beloved - bad, because you can not give love to another

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if you're in love, you're in love till the end and you wouldn't wish it on an enemy if you lost your girlfriend.

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It's just great, just look for the right girl

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people fall in love for the first time and for the second time and for the nth time.And some people love the same person for life.If you love and it is mutual.It's just great.The main thing is to be interesting to each other all the time.


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