Is it worth it to buy a dacha these days?

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Is it worth it to buy a dacha these days? and got a better answer

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worth it if you love this lifestyle?

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It's worth it if you love this lifestyle.

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Yes, it's worth it. But in view of the changes that are about to come, you have to think about whether there will be a benefit. If you are considering the option more for recreation, it is certainly worth combining business with pleasure.

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And why not?

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Dacha is a passive. If money is tight in your pockets.

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Probably worth it if that's where you want to settle down.

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Of course a good plot can pay off very well.

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There was one guy who invested in a dacha, took out loans for repairs, then got a microloan, then lost his job and had a total financial meltdown. His name is October. Soberly assess your options.

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not worth it. It is better to rent. To own something now in Russia is not profitable. And in developed countries people prefer to be free of liabilities. Are dachas going up in value? - That's the answer.

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1. Times are turbulent! 2. They will burn it down!

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The question doesn't really say what the purpose of purchasing a vacation home is. That's what the answer depends on.


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