Son 14 years old problems?

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Son 14 years old problems? and got a better answer

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Your son is a spoiled lumpen. Put him in an orphanage.

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New school dropout growing up What do you cherish and protect your child for? Strictness is the answer to your question.

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The country needs plumbers and janitors, too ♪

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You've spoiled your miracle. Or puberty is just hormones. Talk to him that his behavior upsets you ask why he behaves that way.

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Go to a marriage counselor.

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You spoiled him. You should have whipped him for this as soon as the first signs appeared.

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Love only. Become your son's best friend, remembering that he is still a child. Stop punishing and judging his actions. Your son is crying out for help with his actions, and you will beat him out with punishment. Remember what he likes to eat, what he likes to do or what he is interested in? Be patient and considerate, but not intrusive. Go to school and talk to the teachers. Help him understand the difficulties that he now considers intractable. If you are raising him without a husband in the conversation find out from him what it means for him to be a real man? Of course, ideally, when he would have a heart-to-heart talk with a man older than him but who is an authority for him. It's a difficult age of transition. Go and talk to a good psychologist. I wish you support your son with your Love.

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Fools think for yourselves and put yourself in his place and think if you beat him up he will either beat his parents or take his stuff and you will not see him again!

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it is your own fault. you did not teach him to study. and this should have been done from 1st to 5th grade. now everything is unlearned. try to talk and tell him that he can still improve everything - hire tutors, send him to a sports. section, foreign language courses. look for a way out. i raised three men. all educated. cultured. busy and adore us. this is the way out.

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reap the benefits of your Dishonesty.

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you reap what you sow


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