How do you tell your wife about the divorce?

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How do you tell your wife about the divorce? and got a better answer

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a psychologist can help

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There are 2 ways right or simple for you. 1 Simple: when she's not home, pack up and leave. Or just file an application, she will be notified. Minus - you still have to explain yourself and go to court, because there is a child. 2 Talk to his wife. Realistically. Tell your fears, it's not ashamed to say. and not afraid. Say what you do not like. Do not agree, divorce. It's the right thing to do. And with a light heart you'll leave and start a new life. Don't forget about your child. Never.

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Have an open marriage with her and you're good to go. You don't have to get a divorce.

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Oh, my God. It's like if you said, "I'm afraid I'm gonna break my leg, so I decided to cut it off right away to stop living in fear. How do I tell my mom about this decision? What kind of crazy things people do because of their own insecurities! You should have thought about getting a divorce BEFORE the baby was born, and not after living for 4 years you should have taken responsibility and run away. You can't take the baby back. You'd make three more and then it would turn out that you were terribly afraid of your wife's infidelity, so you decided to divorce her. Get your feet in your hands and go to a psychologist, he'll put your brains in place ni divorce will not have to nor fear And in general, many things you can be afraid of. can be afraid of the boss can be afraid to disgrace themselves at work can be afraid to communicate with people so that you can generally give up a lot of things because of fear: Want a life of complete restrictions?

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you must realize that with the divorce, you will lose the opportunity to live in this apartment, in addition you will lose your daughter, because your ex-wife will not let you date and will turn the daughter against you. is it worth it just not to be afraid?

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Solve problems as they arise. When it changes, then think about what to do. No one is immune to cheating. And what are you afraid of? You're the one who stupidly got married. What's your daughter got to do with it? In any case, any court will award the upbringing of the daughter of the mother You'll at best be only occasionally see her And if you care about his wife so do it so that she did not cheat. Keep her interested. Don't get hysterical. It's all bullshit.

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well just great. you have a daughter! a daughter! think about how lucky that is! many men wish they had a daughter. and you're lucky. you have no idea how many Predators are collecting data on you now, because the place is not empty. they will love and raise your wife and especially your daughter. they will wash them and admire their bodies. They will kiss your women enough stupid fears, you will think so, you will not notice how you will become a monster and destroy your family. and your daughter and wife will go to other men, completely with your daughter another man will get close very quickly, will become her not only a father, but also the only man do you want that? It's up to you to decide about married adulteresses. they are mistakes of youth. don't judge everyone by a couple of shitheads. and you. how are you better than that? you had sex and molested another man's wife, didn't you feel guilty? you spit on another man's husband, you shit on others. apparently life decided to teach you a lesson, but now, you will lose your daughter too. And there will be men for your daughter, believe me, at least they will kiss, and those who are smarter, and they will play with sex safely. better and safer than Dad, no one will teach your daughter, the first time is life, fuck. you probably read the news about molesters girls, they are cute. and now put your fears on one scale, and your wife and daughter on the other.


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