remote work. Insurance premium?

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remote work. Insurance premium? and got a better answer

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Any demand for money from you, under any pretext, is a scam?

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Any demand for money from you, under any pretext - divorce!

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Divorce. Normal offices don't take money, they pay

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1. Any advance payment from the employee - this is ALWAYS 100 LOGOUT 2. There is no such work on the typing of text from scans. There are special programs that translate scans of text into a text document 3. There is no normal remote earningsadlya all comers. Only for good specialists in a demanded intellectual field This scam is already 100 years old. I didn't think anyone still falls for it.

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1. typing - no one needs it at all, no one is interested in paying for it - there are free programs that do it faster and more competently. Does anyone else think that the ability to type - is any achievement? 2. Any job where you have to pay something in advance is a scam. A job is when the doer gets paid to do it, not when the doer gets paid to do it.

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